The MacEachen Institute’s Kevin Quigley

The director of this newly established public policy and governance institute puts a focus on practical policy results.

Innovation: Leads the MacEachen Institute, which is funded by a trust commemorating political legend and Cape Breton native Allan J. MacEachen. The newly established centre will unite academics, public servants and civic leaders with an interest in public policy to share research and turn their ideas into meaningful policy changes.

Foundation: Dr. Quigley, an associate professor at Dal’s School of Public Administration, has worked in the Ontario Public Service and earned a PhD from Queen’s University in Belfast. Experienced and connected in both the academic and public service sectors, Dr. Quigley is ideally positioned to lead an institute that bridges theory and practice.

Inspiration: When policy researchers in academia are unable to put their work in front of public service practitioners, opportunities are lost on both sides.  Dr. Quigley’s vision for the MacEachen Institute is to develop mechanisms—and a physical space—for these connections to be made.

In his words: “We’re not just here to do research in the abstract. We’re trying to develop thoughtful pieces around how to make the world better. If we’re successful, the MacEachen Institute will be known as a hub of leading public policy research with impact in the Atlantic region and right across Canada.”

Why it matters: Public policy is about more than rules and regulations, says Dr. Quigley—it’s about the values and identity of society. As a home for studying public policy, the MacEachen Institute is a place to explore those values and inspire greater participation in the democratic process. Dr. Quigley believes young people in particular will be energized by the institute’s focus on practical policy results and hopes to engage them in its work.